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NIght Rapper, Kastro Zaytana, Shyheim, Isometric Concepts, ISO360



"Night Rapper", a thriller film starring Kastro Zaytana, Executive Produced by Shyheim Franklin, is about a young rapper named Kastro whose decision to turn down a record deal leads to death and disarray. Global Tracks Ent. expected Kastro to sign away his life, selling his soul for fame and fortune. When he declined their contract, they put out a hit on him and his family. The family was murdered and Kastro was kidnapped and shot, but he survived his gunshot wounds.

Kastro awakens to a mask on his chest, which began speaking to him. He discovers while wearing the mask his rap skills have advanced. The mask has a hidden agenda though, urging him to kill wack mumble rappers. The label sends out the best villians to destroy Katro The Night Rapper and that's when things get out of hand ...


Stay tuned for release date